Replacement mirror

Bought a used mirror, because the original one was broken/cracked.
Discovered that the connector had changed sometime between the year 1999 and 2001
So I had to take the regulater-motor's and temperature sensor out of the original mirror
and move it into the replacement mirror, complete with wiring and everything
It worked out fine, and took around two hours work.
Bought a new "shell"/casing in the original colour, so it actually looks like a new mirror ;-)
The mirror in question is without lighting underneath, but with heating+power regulator+temperature sensor.

GREEN is the new style connector(2001) and GREY is the old style connector(~1999)

Regulator motor

Temperature sensor, motor and wiring

Looks like a brand new mirror ;-) (the window is not cracked, it is a reflection :-)

The new shell just clicks on as the last step,can be a bit tricky.