AC panel light bulb change

Pull the cover around the gear-shifter straight up, set in 4th gear to gain space.
Remove 2 screws, torx 27. Carefull, don't drop them ;-)

With the 2 screws removed, pull/tilt the panel out in the bottom and pull STRAIGHT out at the top.
The connectors are easily clicked out from the back of the AC-panel.
The light bulb is released by turning it (int it's socket) with a screwdriver

It is easier to remove and insert new light bulbs if you remove the back-panel (black plastic).
I used bulbs from autobulbsdirect, type: R509TYBK-1.4w-T5:

They do not fit exactly, but is is a close match.
The original bulbs have a blue rubber-stocking over them, to color the light sligtly blue.
This rubber can be transferred to the new bulbs (I've tried both with and without, it doesn't make a big difference).
There are 6 bulbs in all (in modelyear 2001), 2 with black base and 4 with a grey base.
(There is not a noticeable difference in the bulbs themselves.)